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Sales Tools

Introducing Panjiva Connect

Panjiva Connect is the world's first CRM built just for suppliers. Designed to help manufacturers implement proven sales processes, Connect includes:

  • Email tracking
    • Know when buyers open your emails
  • Message templates
    • Send professionally written emails
  • Automatic reminders
    • Never forget to follow up with customers
  • Collaboration tools
    • Assign and monitor team members' work

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Buyer Employee Info

Find the right contact

Finding the right person to contact at a potential customer makes your sales process more effective and more efficient. That's why Panjiva includes employee-level contact information in all of our supplier tools.

You can use Panjiva to find the titles, names, phone numbers, and email addresses of employees at your target customers. Our contact information comes from data partnerships as well as our own online and offline research. We are constantly adding new contact information to ensure that our customers have the newest and most current leads to contact.

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Respond to buyers looking for suppliers

On Panjiva, suppliers can search and respond to inquiries posted by buyers with an immediate sourcing need.

Suppliers can also setup profiles with product pictures and descriptions to attract new buyers. Panjiva will then take the information you provide and alert you automatically whenever there is a new buying inquiry that matches your products.

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Company Data

Use Data to Compete


Panjiva is the world's leading integrator of customs data, trade data, contact information, certification information, and other data sources that inform the world of global trade. Suppliers can leverage Panjiva's resources to:

Track the competition.
See your competitor's customer lists. Be more competitive by benchmarking yourself against other suppliers of your products.

Prepare for customer meetings.
Study background information on potential buyers and make sure that you and your sales team enter customer meetings prepared and informed.

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